The complete process of selection of smart cities

The process of selection of smart city is based on three process which are given below:

Shortlisting of cities by States
The State/UT begins with shortlisting the potential smart cities on the basis of conditions precedent and scoring criteria and in accordance with the total number allocated to it.

The first stage of the competition will be intra-state, in which cities in the State will compete on the conditions precedent and the scoring criteria laid out. These conditions
precedent have to be met by the potential cities to succeed in the first round of competition and the highest scoring potential smart cities will be shortlisted and recommended to participate in Stage 2 of the Challenge. The information sent by the ULBs in the forms has to be evaluated by the State Mission Director and the evaluation placed before the State-level High Powered Steering Committee (HPSC) for approval.

The composition of the State HPSC is given in para 13 of the Guidelines. The cities emerging successful in the first round of competition will be sent by the State/UT as the recommended shortlist of smart cities to MoUD by the stipulated date (to be indicated in the letter to Chief Secretaries). The State Government has to fill the form and send with the recommended list. The MoUD will thereafter announce the list of 100 smart cities.

The Challenge round for selection
In the second stage of the competition, each of the potential 100 smart cities prepare their proposals for participation in the ‘City Challenge’. This is a crucial stage as each city’s Smart City Proposal (SCP) is expected to contain the model chosen, whether retrofitting or redevelopment or greenfield development or a mix thereof, and
additionally include a Pan-City dimension with Smart Solutions.

The SCP will also outline the consultations held with the city residents and other stakeholders, how the aspirations are matched with the vision contained in the SCP and importantly, what is the proposal for financing of the smart city plan including the revenue model to attract private participation. An evaluation criteria for the SCPs has been worked out by MoUD based on professional advice and this should act as guidance to the cities for preparing their proposal. The criteria and the documents to be sent with the application are given to be indicated by MoUD to the States/UTs, proposals will be submitted to MoUD for all these 100 cities.

The challenge:

These will be evaluated by a Committee involving a panel of national and international experts, organizations and institutions. The winners of the first round of Challenge will be announced by MoUD. Thereafter, while the winning cities start taking action on making their city smart, those who do not get selected will start work on improving their SCPs for consideration in the second round. Depending on the nature of the SCPs and outcomes of the first round of the Challenge, the MoUD may decide to provide handholding assistance to the potential Smart Cities to upgrade their proposals before starting the second round.

Smart cities Warrangal looking into a vibrant regional economic hub

The second smart city challenge is on its way. And soon the union minister will decide which smart cities will be developing in the second phase of the India’s 100 smart cities mission. » Read more

Pasighat Municipal Council on its peak for second smart city challenge

It has been reported that the Pasighat Municipal Council (PMC) is on its peak of preparation for the second smart cities challenge. Pasighat Municipal Council is said to organized a meeting to improve proposals by improving the deficiencies to win the challenge. » Read more

Govt. marked 25th June to roll out Smart cities Project

India’s 100 smart cities mission was launched by PM Narendra Modi on 25th June 2015. So as to celebrate completion of first year of the India’s 100 smart cities mission the union minster has asked all the 20 smart cities which has been selected in the first smart city challence to roll out the smart cities projects by 25 June 2016. » Read more

List of first 20 smart cities is likely to be releasing soon

According to the offficial news released it is said that the Union government is working very hard and evaluting the proposal draft submitted by the 97 Smart cities and it is also said that the evaluation of the smart city plans is in such a progress that the announcement of the list of the smart plans will be earlier than expected.

Earlier it has been announced by the Union Government that the announcement of the list of the 20 smart cities which is to be developed as the first smart cities of India will be released by 26th January 2015.

“Evaluation of smart city plans of 97 cities in the second stage of ‘City Challenge’ competition is already in progress and the results will be announced shortly marking a high point in promoting competition among cities for resource allocation, the first of its kind,” a Ministry of Urban Development press release said.

“Government has reset the parameters for urban planning in the year 2015 and has approved an investment of about Rs 42,000 crore in 2015 for developing basic urban infrastructure and for affordable housing alone. This includes Rs 19,170 crore for improving infrastructure relating to water supply, sewerage networks, storm water drains, urban transport and open spaces in 474 cities in 18 states under Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation (AMRUT), launched in June this year,” release said.

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