Will the smart cities of India be among World Livables Cities

100 smart cities mission is really big mission for India. People have started talking that if these 100 smart cities mission become really successful then India will become as one of the major hubs of the world. And as such these smart cities mission has taken the intention of the world. » Read more

Which cities from Maharashtra will be included in first 20 smart cities

From the state of Maharashtra 10 smart cities has been selected in the India’s 100 smart city mission. The name of the smart cities are as follows: » Read more

Government looking to Bond MC for smart cities

According to the report publish by the Business-Standard it has been reported that the government is looking for a project where a fresh push for Tier-II and Tier-III cities to issue municipal bonds, as this would help in financing projects under the Smart Cities initiative. » Read more

Vellore Smart City

Vellore has the blend of rich heritage and culture representing the ancient Dravidian civilisation, Vellore is a city in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It is the administrative headquarters of the Vellore District.

The Vellore city has been shortlisted by Ministry of Urban Development as one of the 98 smart cities in India. Municipal Corporation Vellore is preparing the Smart City Proposal that will provide smart solutions to the urban infrastructure issues. In order to prepare the Smart City Proposal, the citizens of Vellore City and other citizens are requested to share their ideas and solutions.
State: Tamil Nadu
City: Vellore
City Population: 5,04,079
Vellore citizens need to come forward to develop your city as a smart city. Click Here

Kochi Smart city to get help from UK Govt.

According to the news from a source it is said that British Government will extend its support to Kochi’s efforts to enter the list of the first 20 cities that will be selected by the Centre for the ‘100 Smart Cities’ project.

It is said that UK-based consulting agency Atkins will provide the technical assistance to Kochi for designing and engineering the projects that will be submitted under the 100 Smart Cities programme. The firm will provide its consultancy services worth Rs 1.8 crore totally free of cost for Kochi.

Atkins is one of the world’s most-respected design, engineering and project management consultancies. It is a major supplier of business advisory and infrastructure services to the UK Government.

“Nearly 1.5 lakh tourists from UK are visiting Kochi annually. This is also a major reason for providing help to Kochi. Apart from the consultancy services worth Rs 1.8 crore, we will also give an additional aid of Rs 50 lakh to the city,” said Bharath Joshy.

Smart City Mission Director Muhammed Haneesh said that the projects under Kochi’s Smart City initiative will be finalised within two days. The project team will hold discussions with the officials of Kochi Corporation, district administration and GCDA in the coming days and will finalise the proposals on December 3.

Karnal Smart City

The City of Karnal had been founded by Raja Karna, of the Mahabharata fame, spring into prominence in 1739.

The City “Karnal” in Haryana has been selected as one of the Smart Cities under the Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD), Smart City Mission. Now Karnal city  needs to make its unforgettable image under ‘City Challenge’. Municipal Corporation of Karnal urges from all the citizens of Karnal to share their suggestion, opinion and idea to make “Karnal City a truly Smart City”. Your suggestion and idea can give a new way to develop Karnal City as Smart City.

State: Haryana

City: Karnal

City Population: 3,02,140

Please share your precious suggestion with us for making Karnal Smart City: Click Here

Draft-Proposal of Karnal Smart City: Click Here

Will the 100 Smart cities mission be completed in the same manner as planned by the Govt

India’s 100 Smart Cities Mission not only attracts the attention of public of the nation but seem to the ongoing hot topic globally. With every states almost finalized its cities which is to be developed under the 100 smart cities mission. The ultimate question which the general public wants to be answered is will the projected be completed in the same in the same manner as planned by the Government at the launch of the mission. » Read more

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