Kota Smart City

Kota City has been selected as a smart city in the list of 98 smart cities in the first stage  of the Smart Cities Challenge organized by Minister of Urban Development.

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Solapur Smart City

Solapur City has been shortlisted by the Minister of Urban Development as one of the 98 smart cities of participates in the stage – II of the selection process the “Smart City Challenge.”

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Amravati Smart City

Amravati City has been selected as one of the 98 Smart Cities under Urban Ministry 100 Smart City Mission. Amravati City is situated in the central region of India. Amravati connected through Airways, Railway & the National Highway (NH)-6 with Aurangabad, Nagpur and other parts of the country.

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Thane Smart City

The Thane City has been shortlisted as a smart city under Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD), 100 Smart City Mission in India. The most awaited and ambitious “100 Smart City Mission” was launched by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

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Its Survivor of the fittest for the Smart Cities mission

Smart Cities mission

Smart cities mission seems to be in its peak in terms of progress. The mission have attracted the intension of the not only the general public of the nation but also the intension of the foreign nation, investors and others. Soon we will be seeing smart cities in the coming year.

Talking about the India’s 100 smart cities mission, it seems to be following the Darwin theory of evolution most commonly known as the survival of the fittest. Where the The individuals that are best equipped to survive and reproduce perpetuate the highest frequency of genes to descendant populations Like-wise, there seems to be neglecting the other cities which are not coined for the smart cities mission. And those cities which which were proposed for the smart cities seems to be targetting for more smarter and smarters.

Recently, there was a competition known as India Smart Cities Challenge’ winners (Smart City Discussion App)of which would get funding from the Union ministry of urban development, in that too only those cities which initially get the slots seems to be the winner. On the other hand

According to the urban development ministry website, “Smart cities (will) focus on the most pressing needs and on the greatest opportunities to improve quality of life for residents today and in the future.” Each city would have to formulate its own unique vision, mission and plan for a ‘smart city’. Its concepts must reflect the city’s local context, resources, and priorities of citizens. Also, each city must develop a pan-city and area-based proposal to tap funds

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