Central Govt. to Provide Free WiFi in Ujjain Smart City with BSNL

Central Government has started the preparation for making Ujjain Smart City along with BSNL. BSNL will provide free wifi in the whole city. Smart Poles will also be installed in many areas of the city.  As the smart city project work starts, BSNL will start working on it.

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An Area Based Plan to be Submitted for Patna Smart City till 30 Nov

The real race has been started to develop Capital City as a Smart City. Patna Municipal Corporation will get the area based plan by 30 November. The city commissioner has ordered the Department of City Development co-housing development consultant agency to prepare and submits the plan. Then the Municipal Corporation will discuss every problem and arrangement publicly. » Read more

Churning Going on Challenges and Solutions of Smart City

A two-day seminar has been organized on the Triple ITDM premises for the solution of every aspect of challenges and for continuous improvement of Smart City. This was inaugurated by Mayor Dr. Swati Godbole by blazing lamp.

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Dharamshala Smart City Interrupts in Legal Battle for Centre’s Fund

Dharamshala Smart City Issue

Dharamshala interrupts in a legal battle with Shimla to enroll in Smart City. Now the Smart City mission of Dharamshala seems to have puzzled into funding. Himachal Pradesh government is saying to spend ten percent of its share to the Smart City project. While Central Government is saying to give only 50 percent fund to Himachal Pradesh on the lines of other smart city projects.

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MoU Signed Between Bhubaneswar Smart City Limited and UNPFA

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been signed between Bhubaneswar Smart City Ltd (BSL) and the United Nations Population Fund (UNPFA) in order to take the New Urban Agenda forward in socially promoting the smart city of Bhubaneswar. Members of UN (United Nations) meet in Ecuador, Quito in order to approve the agenda.

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Municipal Corporation Invited Three Companies to Begin Smart City Work

There is a hope of beginning the work of Smart City project. World Smart City Expo was organized in Barcelona Spain. There were 60 companies invited to this World Smart City Expo. 3 of these companies have been invited here by the Municipal Corporation including Cisco, Philips, and Microsoft. All the three companies have expressed a desire to invest in Faridabad smart city projects.

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Centre Govt. to Launch Soon Mini Smart City Project

Centre government to launch soon a Mini Smart City Project for Private Township Plans. The mini smart city will be approved the township plans that meet the norms set by the government.

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