Nasik Smart City

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The Nasik City has been selected as a smart city by the Minister of Urban Development (MoUD), 100 Smart City Mission to participate in the second stage of smart cities challenge.

The Nashik City has successfully completed the 1st phase of smart city challenge and make its position in the list of 98 smart cities. The Municipal Corporation of Nashik city needs to be arrived at after considering the needs and priorities of its citizens.

The ‘Smart City Proposal’ smart solution of making Smart Nashik:

  • Water supply
  • Electricity
  • Sanitation
  • Waste management
  • Transport
  • Parking
  • Energy
  • Housing
  • IT solutions
  • Safety
  • Security

Your valuable views and suggestions can make your city as a smart city, so please share your valuable suggestion with us to make your Nashik City as a ‘Truly Smart City’.

State – Maharashtra
City – Nashik
City Population – 14, 86,000
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  • swapnil sanap

    our nashik city is already smart just we have to change following thing:-1)cutting of trees 2)throwing garbage everywhere even infront of others home 3)proper communication between people and municipalities also police 4) change in thinking like not to throw waste in our home but can throw it ouside area. 5) start it from schools 6)we give 15 min for assembly and also give 15 min to clean our classroom

  • swapnil sanap

    we have to clean our area once in a week and daily our school classroom if everyone is active it will just take 15 min o clean it school plays vital role and make it habbit to clean our area from our childhood so it become effective

  • swapnil sanap

    parking issue should be solved so city becomes traffic free plantataion of trees become effective .water supply electricity is primary needs so it has been provided first

  • Jassi

    Every school shud start vth sum kind of physical activity like dance, out door games (bad minton, basket ball,cycling etc) per kids choice to start d day fresh. Similarly after schl 15 mins shud b d tym fr cleaning d surrounding. This rule shud b fr every schl, ccollege, company, industry, institute, hospital ect.
    2. as parking is must fr every institute, company, hotel,mall& building… wise park/garden/greenary around shud b compulsory. … as to keep our city go green. Thr shud b atleast a neem, a peepal tree nr every building

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