Govt. to Show Results of Smart City Project Soon

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According to the latest news, the Urban Development Minister M Venkaiah Naidu said that the government has proposed an investment of Rs 1.35 lakh crore for the implementation of ‘Smart City Project’ in 60 towns and 20 cities have started rolling out their schemes.

However, the every state has participated in the stiff competition of Smart City Project while UP state has not shown any interest in the mega scheme of Modi’s government.

Naidu said that the result will be visible soon as the first batch of 20 cities are starting to roll out a range of projects to ensure better living.

“Smart City Mission is a huge landmark and a distinct departure from the past as far as the country’s approach to urban development is concerned”, he said.

Mr. Venkaiah Naidu has informed that about 60 cities have been selected and the government has proposed an investment of about Rs. 1,35,000 crore. This is a huge leap forward as against the meager investments for urban development in the past.

Under Smart City Project identifying the waste management is a big challenge. According to the reports, around 65 million of solid waste generate every year across India and government has drawn up a plan to convert the refuse into 50 lakh tons of compost and generate over 400 MW of power from it.

The problem is that the Uttar Pradesh government Samajwadi Party is not taking interest to get the advantages of Center’s various schemes including smart city project.

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  • DR M R Prakash

    There are no clear cut implementation guidelines available on public domain to evaluate the success of smart cities or even their impact. The beating of drums are loud but the common man does not hear them in reality. All can not be branded as dumb and deaf. Good luck to Governments .

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