Delegation of 34 Embassies given Smart Suggestions to make Delhi Smart City

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The delegation of 34 embassies given their ideas and suggestions for a smart city in an interactive session of New Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC).

Firstly they have focused on the safety of women, increasing the crime ratio in New Delhi City and second on the stray animals in the posh zone.

This session was a great platform for the delegates from 34 countries to point out problems of the city and providing suggestions for NDMC ‘How to Develop a City as a Smart City’.

The delegates found two major problems in New Delhi City first traffic congestion and women safety.

There should be a strict enforcement of traffic rules. Everyone is driving as rash as possible these days said the delegate from Romania. “I have faced traffic jams due to cows on roads,” the Ugandan diplomat mentioned.

The delegates have suggested the NDMC should be the focus on the women safety, traffic congestion and stray animals problems.

The NDMC chairperson Naresh Kumar said the agency shall set the global benchmark in providing efficient and sustainable civic amenities.

He also said that we will be considered the delegates suggestions and the embassies will be sent a copy of the draft proposal on the smart city.

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