Centre Identified 60 Villages to Develop as ‘Smart Villages’ in India

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smart villages

In the challenge of transforming rural India, the Centre has selected 60 villages in three districts of Rajgarh, Sehore, and Satna to develop as ‘Smart Villages’ under the most ambitious smart cities project. For the development of these smart villages, the NDA government will provide funds for specific development. In this smart villages development, each village will get Rs. 25 crore.

In the development of smart villages, the government will focus on climate change, smart energy, agriculture, and water. Smart village development will come about in the state in coordination with Environment Planning and Coordinating Agency (EPCO).

According to the sources, the proposal developed by coordinating with National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD). In this proposal, it will focus on uplift of rural areas by greater credit flow to give push to agriculture and rural non-farm sector. The project is expected to be of three years duration. However, 20 villages have been selected for development in districts tagged as climate change smart villages.

The EPCO executive director Anupam Rajan said that EPCO’s centre is a knowledge sharing initiative and is a first-of-its-kind in the country. Besides, there is another initiative through international finance stream of United Nations in which MP has identified concept-based landscape development of 30 villages in Ghoradongri block in Betul district.

The UNDP environment and energy head Preeti Soni said that the development of climate-smart villages is a unique concept. And she also said this can become a role model to demonstrate success to deal with climate change and development.

UAED principal secretary Malay Shrivastava said, “Our focus is on rural sector too. Water harvesting and other mechanisms that help reduce urbanisation load on the environment will be further incentivised at the municipal level.

News Source: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/

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  • sunith vasu

    Whether the fund will be efficiently and effectively utilsed for the attainment of nation’s development and prosperity?
    The project must be undertaken by a team exclusively involved & indulged in the process of achieving the mission smart City.

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