U.K Top 20 Companies Ready to Offer Smart City Solution for Kochi

U.K 20 innovative companies have decided to offer smart city solutions for Kochi. A group of representatives will visit the city between November 11 and 12 and meet with government officials to join hands with a new partnership.

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Kerala Govt. Expected to Complete Kochi Smart City Project Within Three Years

Kerala government is expecting to complete Kochi Smart City project within three years. This information is released by the Kerala Cheif Minister Pinarayi Vijayan today.

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Kochi get fillip with Cochin Smart Mission Ltd. for implementing SPV

Kochi Smart City Project is all set to get a fillip with the Cochin Smart Mission Ltd, for the implementation of completely formed Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV). the government  has decided to hold the first board of directors meeting at Government Guest house on 28 March .

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Germany help to develop India’s three cities as smart cities out of top 20 cities

According to the latest news, Germany will help to develop India’s three Kochi, Bhubaneswar and Coimbatore cities as a smart city in India. This information has been released on Monday, the Germany will help to develop three smart cities in India.

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Kochi Smart City Design and Structure

The government has shared a brief design and structure of the smart city of Kochi of the state of Kerala. it is said that the the smart city of Kochi will cover an area of about 1,700 acres.

According to the article shared by the Hindu the 1700 acres will be spread in the first five divisions, the northern portions of the 28th division and the central city area. This will be mainly focus on the area of Fort Kochi, Kalvathy, Iraveli, Karippalam, Mattanchery and Amravathy in West Kochi area. In the central city area, Durbar Hall, MG Road, and Banerji road.

However, it is the proposed design of the smart city. The decision was taken by the newly elected civic representatives at a special session of the council. And the goverment has also asked the local people to submit its own design to the government and as such the local are to submit its design before 18th December 2015.

According to T.J. Vinod, the Deputy Mayor of the Kochi Corporation the smart city of Kochi will use retro fitment component as demolition of all the existing structures and rebuilding them in a 50-acre holding and green field proposal covered development in a land parcel of 500 acres in the area around Kochi will be unsurd.