Bhopal Smart City

Bhopal has been selected as a smart city in the list of 98 smart cities. The Bhopal City has completed the first stage of smart city challenge under the Ministry of Urban Development 100 Smart City Mission.

The Municipal Corporation of Bhopal is preparing a Smart City Proposal (SCP) for making its position in the list first 20 Smart Cities which will be approved by the Centre for the fund 100 crores over the next five years.

Municipal Corporation of Bhopal is requesting to residents and other stakeholders for posting their suggestion and ideas on the basis of the basic things like electricity, water supply, sewage, school, colleges, and transport etc with solutions.

State: Madhya Pradesh
City: Bhopal
City Population: 19,22,130

Your valuable suggestions, solutions, and ideas can make Bhopal City as a ‘Real Smart City‘.

Please Submit Your Suggestions: Click Here