British High Commission showed keen interest in the Smart City Project

According to the news released by the Hindu, it is said that British High Commission showed keen interest in the Smart City Project. It was also reported that there were discussed possible avenues of investment with Deputy Commissioner N. Jayaram and Belagavi City Corporation Commissioner G. Prabhu during his visit to the city of Belagavi.

The Hindu further reports that Dominic McAllister from the British High Commission was here on Friday to explore potential areas of investment and participate in the project on PPP (Public-Private Partnership) basis, one of the models enshrined in the SCP. He had a detailed discussion with the Deputy Commissioner N. Jayaram, Belagavi City Corporation (BCC) Commissioner G. Prabhu and other officials to identify potential areas of investment.

According a senior official in the BCC, Mr. McAllister showed interest in Intelligent Transport System, e-governance, round-the-clock drinking water supply, utility centres and Central Command Centre. However, the official said the all these areas had been already listed out for implementation under the SCP. Thereby, Mr. McAllister has reportedly said he would return after exploring newer areas for investment and concrete proposals for the same.

One of the areas was round-the-clock drinking water supply, as the project has been re-tendered and the British investors could take up the opportunity. However, private investors could also come up with their own proposals befitting the SCP components.

In fact, the official said a good number of private sector establishments were coming forward for investment in Belagavi, considering the salubrious weather conditions, availability of large number educational and healthcare institutions offering professional courses, besides the presence of some of the major industrial units in and around the city.

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