40 More Cities to Get Smart City’s Status

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The government is fully committed to the smart city mission. In addition to adding about sixty cities under Smart City so far, forty and new cities can join this grade soon. The Union Urban Development Ministry has also sought proposals from various states in this regard.

It is informed that new cities will be able to raise funds for getting Smart City status and the government will also provide financial assistance for the development of cities under the mission. Actually, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ambitious project Smart City Mission has started for about one and a half years. More time is over. But till now, four percent of the work has not been done in this mission.

According to the information, only 23 projects could be completed in 20 cities selected in the first phase. While the total work on 642 projects was to be done. Apart from this, the tender process of more than 450 projects has not started yet. According to the Ministry, under the Smart City Mission, soon 40 new cities will be selected.

n the first phase, 20 cities were selected. Of these, about Rs 25, 935 crores was to be spent on 642 projects. But only 23 projects have been completed so far. 304.97 crores spent on its cost While RFP (Request for Proposal) has been issued for 79 projects.

Their cost is approximately Rs 6351.39 crores. In addition, the remaining 475 projects, which have a total cost of about Rs 16,541.76 crores, are still trapped in the tender process. Even after the selection of 60 cities in two phases, in these cities, a limited company is to be formed to fulfill the work of SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle) i.e. first of all the projects.

News Source: http://www.navodayatimes.in/news/national/40-cities-to-get-smart-city-status/36350/

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